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  • Direct access to your company Patent, Trademark, Design portfolio via our web based docketing system
  • We monitor all your existing & future deadlines, provide timely reminders to make informed decisions
  • Maintain and renew your existing IP in-force, with up-to-date information of all your cases
  • Cost to externalize this specialized formality practice to us is far less costly than conventional hiring of specialized employees for formality functions.
  • Our IP support staff work with IP offices globally to manage communications between your company and either our partnered firms or your foreign agents.
  • Optional services: Preparation of yearly budgets based on the IP portfolio information provided to us.
  • Unique attention to detail by in-house individuals specially selected to provide error free work
  • We apply a double verification internal process for data input in our system that truly works!
  • We mandate a single point of contact to oversee your cases 5 days a week – all year round.

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