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Brand name searches and clearance opinions
Trademark Filing in Switzerland & Worldwide
Trademark Prosecution

Trademark Monitoring
Trademark Oppositions
Trademark Strategic Counselling

Trademark Renewals Worldwide
Trademark Portfolio Audits
Trademark Infringement Investigation

GatesIP maximizes your business’ creativity. We offer services related to trademark registration and protection, guiding you through all the fundamental stages.

A Trademark attorney team available to provide the necessary brand counselling and actions.

We can be your trusted trademark service provider and recommend the best possible course of action. Our expert trademark attorney are highly experienced handling international prosecution events and protection/enforcement of trademark portfolios in Europe and worldwide.

Trademarks may be registered in various classes of goods and/or services to protect your business. Types of classes which can be registered include word, verbal, figurative, three-dimensional, and other marks, or combinations thereof, in any colour or combination of colours.

We will be pleased to provide you with a highly competitive cost-estimate to provide our trademark services. Contact us for a free quote!