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With its extensive legal experience in IP investigation, GatesIP is a specialized provider available to investigate and prepare professional reports about any suspicion of an alleged infringement towards your IP portfolio and across the globe.

This way your company can make informed choices based on fact and determine the appropriate course of action based on laws of the territory in question – with local attorney advice in any jurisdiction in question.

Intellectual property crime is committed when someone manufactures, sells or distributes counterfeit or pirated goods, such as those protected by patents, trademarks, industrial designs or literary and artistic works, for commercial gain.

In any IP investigation, GatesIP make it our highest priority to ensure full anonymity of the client – this is fundamental to our investigative work in this area. We clearly understand the incumbrances which may result if anonymity is compromised. On the other hand, GatesIP clients also appreciate the high value of obtaining critical evidence vs a suspected infringer, this includes those sensitive situations where a JV partner could be involved in some form of IP malpractices that could be accounting for a company lost profits during an extensive period of time.

Whether your business requires an IP investigation report as a negotiation instrument or downright infringement litigation proceedings on civil and/or criminal grounds, our IP team is available to provide you with a tailored investigation service to meet your expectations.

Through our legal expert team, GatesIP is available to provide the most competitive fixed fee project rates on the market in order to mandate us with your IP investigation work. This will include a clear mandate of deliverables and a strict time frame to receive comprehensive reports. 

We work together with a trusted network of investigative resources in the US, Europe, Eastern Europe, South America, China and India.